The Soul/Sole Purpose to Meditate is to Master your Mind once and for all.

If you think you think then you are somewhat mistaken. Your thoughts mostly come from other sources, such as things you have read or were told.  Your thoughts and opinions are assigned to you and then we passed along to others. These are the thoughts that are not from your OWN source and therefore, are not yours.  This is unfortunate since your organic thoughts are clear.  They are more of a knowing.  They are your roadmap, your internal compass that provides you the peace you are longing for.

In today’s climate it is all but impossible to have an original idea or an original thought that has not been tainted by outside influences.  Meditation gives you the experience of hearing your soul speak. Don’t waste any more time and energy living the lives of other peoples imaginations. Instead, practice being free to choose to live the life that is specifically and uniquely meant for you.  This freedom to live life on your own terms is not only necessary for you, but it is your responsibility to the world.


Most new Meditators start out by telling me that they don’t think they will be successful at Meditating because they have never been able to sit still for very long. They have tried you tube videos, apps and guided visualization, etc without success. Below is what just a few of my students have said to me after a session or two practicing my technique

Meditate with me!

There are so many wonderful benefits and fantastic reasons to be a Meditator.

  • Increase Productivity, Focus, Clarity
  • Free Yourself from Stress, anxiety and/or depression
  • Overcome Addiction
  • Support Your Shadow Work
  • Obtain challenging goals in your profession/career
  • Significant Improvement in Athletic Performance
  • Significant Improvement in Artistic Endeavours, eg. Music, dance, art, theatre.