Allison Liss will inspire you to see limitless opportunities in everyday life.

She does it by turning your assumptions topsy-turvy. Her acute business sense, contagious enthusiasm, positive energy and humour make her an unforgettable public speaker, mentor and guide.

At age 28, Allison was the youngest National Sales Manager for one of Canada’s largest retail chains. In 1995 she opened her own successful Canadian retail operation, which was recognized in People magazine as one of the most innovative concepts of its time.

After a streak of personal and professional struggles came her way she began a journey in search of what she calls the truth about human existence. Through a series of fortunate events she had a direct experience with the true nature of this human experience. It lasted for about 4 days but nothing for her has been the same since. In the year 2000, in an effort to stay in as close touch as possible with this new perspective she began meditating. And now she is teaching it to others.

She presents a combination of meditation and mental techniques that slowly and surely shift your energy. There is no need to fight an uphill battle in this life. Shift your energy and the “hill” will flatten and open itself to you to make way for beautiful circumstances and serendipitous encounters to come your way.

Allison was born in Hamilton, Ontario and lives there now.

She has two children Dakota and Marlon and works with her daughter at their women’s clothing boutique, Dakota Mae.