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Allison meditating at sunset

The Course: Mind Matters Meditation Series

$48.00 / Month

The Mind Matters Meditation Series consists of five audio files.

Join Allison for  meditation from the comfort of your home or office. This is a GUIDED meditation suitable for both new and experienced meditators.

A Meditation practice is the way we become masters of our emotions and our minds.
Meditation is a portal through which self discovery has the potential to change a person instantaneously.

This Meditation technique has been instrumental in helping many people have their first direct experience with the true nature of this world. It is an opportunity to experience the world the way it really is, without the filters and illusions that our minds have been conditioned to see through.

Practically speaking, this course that I have developed is the best practice I know of to eliminate the brain’s default into negativity. It can release accumulated stress while cultivating more positive experiences and intentions.   Enjoy the peace of present moment awareness.

Research has established that practicing meditation produces tangible and measurable benefits for mental and physical health, including

    • Sharper reactions
    • Reduced production of cortisol and adrenaline which lessens stress dramatically
    • More efficient oxygen use
    • Increased production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA
    • Improved immune function
    • Decrease in anxiety and depression
    • Decreased blood pressure
    • Insomnia
    • Lower cholesterol

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Meditation is a technique that is used to train your attention to remove itself from the mind, thereby creating a space where it can be recognized as pure consciousness. A meditation practice develops a reconnection with the depths of your soul where you will find what you are looking for. Peace, love, satisfaction and meaning.

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